Main Substance:

Testosterone Base



Milliliter Size :

1 Ml



Dosage :

100 Mg

Dosage Unit :





TESTOMED 100: A Comprehensive Insight into Your Ideal Bodybuilding Partner

Welcome to Uroids, your trusted e-commerce shop that sells top-quality, effective, and safe bodybuilding supplements. Today, we want to introduce you to the versatile and powerful, TESTOMED 100, categorized under Testosterone Base. It's an anabolic steroid that aims at providing bodybuilders with remarkable testosterone base results to trigger exceptional physical transformation. Let us delve into more about what TESTOMED 100 has to offer.

Understanding What Is Testosterone Suspension

Before you delve into the vigorous world of bodybuilding, you need to understand what is Testosterone Suspension. It's pure testosterone, without any ester attached to it, allowing 100% of the weight to be pure testosterone. It offers you a swift and robust onset of effects, making it ideal for promoting substantial size and strength gains.

The Science Behind the Testosterone Suspension Cycle

A proper understanding of the Testosterone Suspension Cycle is essential for successful bodybuilding. TESTOMED 100 entails an 8-week cycle for beginners, with a recommended dosage of 300-500mg per week. For experienced bodybuilders, a 500-700mg per week for a 10 to 12 weeks cycle is more effective. Remember, regardless of your cycle length or dosage level, it's essential to adhere to post-cycle therapy for optimal health preservation.

Delve into the Testosterone Suspension Half-Life

An essential aspect to know about your testosterone injection is the Testosterone Suspension Half-Life. TESTOMED 100 has a half-life of around 2-3 days. This means that it requires frequent administration to maintain stable blood levels of the testosterone.

Sourcing Your Testosterone Base for Sale

When looking for your Testosterone Base for Sale, consider the TESTOMED 100. The product is authentic, safe, designed to meet all your bodybuilding needs. With our secure eCommerce platform, Uroids, you can purchase your Testosterone Base from the comfort of your home and receive it right at your doorsteps.

Understanding the Testosterone Suspension Results

Testosterone Suspension Results are impressive, to say the least. TESTOMED 100 guarantees rapid muscle and strength gains. With right diet and exercise, you'll notice an increase in your muscle mass size and a significant improvement in your athletic performance in only a few weeks.

The Benefits of TESTOMED 100

TESTOMED 100 is a testosterone base that comes in an injection form with 1 Ml, ampoule, containing 100 Mg/ml of pure testosterone. The product ranks high due to its diverse benefits, including:

1. Rapid Strength Gains: It's crucial for enhancing strength and physical performance.

2. Efficient Fat Loss: Effective for metabolism and fat burning, thus promoting weight loss.

3. Enhanced Recovery: Speeds up recovery times between workouts allowing more frequent, intense training.

4. Improved Libido: Boosts your sexual performance and desire. To wrap up, TESTOMED 100 is your ideal bodybuilding partner, providing a revolutionary solution to meet all your body transformation needs.

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Main Substance
Testosterone Base
Milliliter Size
1 Ml
100 Mg
Dosage Unit

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